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We are SATO, part of LIXIL. As an award-winning social business, we have positively impacted the lives of more than 35 million people across 44 countries. SATO is delivering on the overall goal LIXIL has set of reaching 100 million people by 2025 with basic sanitation and hygiene solutions.


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“This is the product of choice in this community. It also serves our business well”

Simegn Minilikh,
Founder of Hawi Toilets in Ethiopia


By providing our products at an affordable price, working to upgrade facilities in schools, and empowering women with the masonry skills they need to install our products, we are breaking down the barriers to women gaining access to better sanitation and hygiene.

Working with like-minded partners

Our products can make a lifechanging difference to local communities around the world. We are working hard to increase the availability of our products to place our products in the hands of more consumers in emerging economies. To help us scale up our operations, we seek to work with like-minded partners – from corporates specialising in manufacturing or distribution to retailers, NGOs, and governments. We are always open to working with new partners and would love to hear from you to explore how, together, we can create better lives, every day.

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Together with our partners we can bring our products to more people to create a better life,every day.

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If you are based in India, please call us toll-free, Monday to Friday between 9am-6pm, on +1800 202 1626

If you are based in Africa, please call us toll-free, Monday to Friday between 9am-6pm or Saturday between 9am-1pm, on +254 800 722 233


Contact us by email: SATO@LIXIL.com


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