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Adding value to communities for years to come

We want to build partnerships with like-minded manufacturers – from multinational organisations to single-market, domestic operators – to create supply chains that bring our award-winning solutions to communities that lack basic levels of sanitation and hygiene.

Why become a manufacturing partner?

Significant commercial opportunity

To date, our award-winning sanitation and hygiene solutions have helped create a better life, every day, for millions of people around the world. However, with an estimated two billion people – a quarter of the world’s population – still lacking access to safe, sanitary toilets, there is a significant opportunity for us to scale up together.

High quality, award-winning products

Our portfolio of easy-to-use, accessible, and affordable solutions is a welcome addition to any manufacturer’s range. But don’t just take our word for it – to date, we are proud to have received the Red Dot Award and the Deputy Chief’s Award from the Japan SDG Awards for our SATO Toilet solutions. Our unique handwashing solution, the SATO Tap, has been recognised by TIME as a Best Invention of 2020 and honoured as a finalist at Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards in 2021.

Trusted partner

Around the world we work with trusted manufacturers who have helped us establish supply chains in six countries. All of these relationships, many of which are longstanding, are mutually beneficial. We want to forge new, long-term partnerships that go beyond addressing sanitation and hygiene challenges in the short-term, but add value to communities for years to come.

Manufacturing partnership FAQs

Where is SATO based?   

• SATO is a global virtual team with approximately 130 employees located in 12 countries.
• Our leadership team resides in India, East Africa (Kenya), Japan, UK, and the US.
• Our core markets are in Africa (including Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Tanzania); India; and SE Asia (Indonesia and Philippines.)

Which countries are SATO’s main markets? Are you focused on growing in specific countries?
  • SATO is focused on South and SE Asia, as well as sub-Saharan Africa, based on the need for increased access to basic sanitation in these regions. 
  • Bangladesh is SATO’s first and largest market accounting for nearly 50% of all volume sales. Africa, as a region, is our next largest market (notably Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia), followed by India.  
  • Sustainable growth for SATO is expected in two ways: 1) Offering an expanded range of products in our existing core markets, particularly in Bangladesh (expanding from one product to multiple), and in Africa. 2) Leveraging our current manufacturing partners to serve a greater footprint in each region (particularly in Africa), and to export to new markets.
Where do you manufacture SATO products? How many manufacturers do work with?
  • Since 2019, SATO partners with manufacturers in each of these five core market under a license model: Bangladesh, East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda), and West Africa (Nigeria). In India, we have two contract manufacturing partnerships to serve the region.
Where are you manufacturing and selling the SATO Tap?  
  • The first SATO Taps were manufactured in India and became available for partners in March 2022.  
  • Manufacturing of the SATO Tap in Tanzania is ramping up production to serve the Africa region. The SATO Tap is expected to be available for retail purchase towards the end of  2022.
Do you have your own R&D team?   
  • Yes, we are constantly developing new solutions through our innovation team
How does SATO ensure the quality of its products?  
  • Our products are designed to be used repeatedly for many years with machine tested trap-door usage equivalent to around 100 years of use by a household of five members.
  • We test all our products for scratch resistance, flammability, resistance to cleaning agents, and the presence of contaminants in the resin.
  • A tracker has been established internally to collect feedback on our products, and we are recruiting a Leader responsible for quality control to further strengthen our continuous commitment to quality.
  • All our manufacturing partners are ISO9000 certified to ensure quality.


What is the durability of SATO against chemical cleaners?
  • SATO toilet products are made from durable plastic (polypropylene) which is easy to clean with regular toilet cleaners.
  • For simple understanding, SATO products are from the same family of plastic that chemical cleaner bottles are made of (HDPE-high density polyethylene).

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