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Offering strong commercial opportunities with social benefits

Since 2012, we have worked with thousands of local people on the ground who, through their own sanitation businesses, are bringing our award-winning solutions to communities who previously lacked access to sanitation and hygiene. This not only delivers significant health and social benefits to local communities, but also provides commercial opportunities – including the provision of long-term, stable jobs.

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Award-winning sanitation and hygiene solutions

Investing in sanitation and hygiene provides significant health, social and economic benefit to communities. In addition to reducing the number of deaths from preventable diseases, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development estimate that for every US$1invested in sanitation returns US$5.50. This creates the perfect dynamic for the right entrepreneur – creating a long-term income while making life better, every day.

Profit with purpose

Because SATO products are affordable, accessible, and are increasingly being distributed at scale, we are making a significant contribution to delivering on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 6.2, which aims to achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all by 2030. For example, the shared-value partnership between LIXIL and UNICEF, which also works with other NGOs and partners, is creating demand for sanitation products, improving supply of such products, and supporting opportunities for affordable finance. This helps to deliver against SDG 6.2, creating a better future for all children, their families, and communities.

Significant commercial opportunity

Our award-winning products offer an affordable, accessible and innovation solution to customer without access to sewage systems. Around the world the World Health Organization estimate that two billion people still lack access to basic sanitation. According to the latest figures from the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals tracker, investment in SDG 6.2 – achieving universal access to sanitation by 2030 – needs to quadruple. By becoming a seller, you can tap into this opportunity and sell our solutions to local communities who currently lack access to sanitatio and hygiene.

Sales network FAQs

How large is the basic sanitation market? How much is the market worth?
  • 2 billion people lack access to basic sanitation facilities (JMP for 2017,, particularly in rural communities and in the regions of central and southern Asia (e.g., India) and in sub-Saharan Africa.
Which countries are SATO’s main markets? Are you focused on growing in specific countries?
  • SATO is focused on South and SE Asia, as well as in sub-Saharan Africa, based on the need for increased access to basic sanitation.  
  • Bangladesh is SATO’s first and largest market accounting for nearly 50% of all volume sales. Africa, as a region, is our next largest market (notably Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia), followed by India.
  • For the near-term we expect growth in SE Asia, where we have initiated pilots in the Philippines and Indonesia and in adjacent markets to Bangladesh.  
  • Sustainable growth for SATO is expected in two ways:  
  • Offering an expanded range of our products in our existing core markets particularly in Bangladesh (expanding from one product to multiple), and in Africa.  
  • Leveraging our current manufacturing partners to serve a greater footprint in each region, particularly in Africa, and to export to new markets.
Where do you manufacture SATO products? How many manufacturers do work with?
  • Since 2019, SATO partners with manufacturers in each core market under a license model (5): Bangladesh, East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda), and West Africa (Nigeria). In India, we have two contract manufacturing partnerships to serve the region.

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