iDE Bangladesh expanding access to affordable sanitation

New agreement will promote safely managed sanitation with a specific focus on women, girls and rural consumers

DHAKA, Bangladesh, March 26, 2024SATO, an award-winning social business that empowers people everywhere to live a better life, every day, and to enjoy a brighter future through innovative sanitation and hygiene solutions, is pleased to announce it has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with iDE Bangladesh, an international NGO that aims to improve income, livelihood, and well-being for rural communities with its various interventions ranging from agricultural market systems, renewable energy, climate-smart technologies to increasing access to improved sanitation for rural households in Bangladesh.

Part of LIXIL, a global maker of pioneering water and housing products, SATO designs and sells innovative, affordable and water-saving products. Its first product, the award-winning SATO Pan, had its launch in Bangladesh 11 years ago and is now used by millions of people around the world. Given the success of the SATO pan, SATO is increasing its product line in this core market and launched both the SATO V-trap and the SATO Tap in Bangladesh last year.

SATO and iDE’s MOU is expected to improve the lives of consumers across Bangladesh and aims to accelerate the country’s progress towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 6.2. According to iDE, 39% of Bangladeshis do not have access to an improved toilet, creating health, social and ecological risks. Poor sanitation also disproportionately impacts women and girls, who must make unsafe, often solo trips to shared latrines or use open pits during their menstrual cycle. This initiative will address these consumer challenges, placing a specific focus on enhancing access to improved sanitation for women and girls in Bangladesh.

Under the terms of the MOU, SATO and iDE will leverage their combined resources and expertise to effectively address the challenges associated with improving sanitation in rural communities. This will see both organisations collaborate closely to develop communication and promotional tools targeting consumers, partners, masons, microfinance institutions, and government agencies to build demand and improve access to SATO’s award-winning, water-saving, and affordable products across Bangladesh.

iDE will also share knowledge with SATO, drawing on its unique relationships with development and research organisations and government entities in Bangladesh. This will drive the continued evolution of SATO’s product portfolio, and marketing efforts in Bangladesh for years to come.

Suguru Sakata, Leader, Asia at SATO, said: “We’re proud of the impact that we’ve delivered in Bangladesh to date. Our award-winning, innovative and affordable products create better lives, every day, for consumers who were previously without access to improved sanitation. We want to accelerate our impact, empowering more consumers to unlock health, social and economic value through improved sanitation. This new MOU with iDE, which builds on our longstanding and highly successful working relationship, will go one step further by building consumer demand for and access to better sanitation.

Sameer Karki, Country Director at iDE Bangladesh, said: “Bangladesh has made significant progress in sanitation over recent decades; however, millions still lack access to improved sanitation facilities today, and innovative solutions and service delivery are required to achieve SDG 6 goals. With this MoU, iDE will leverage its unique expertise in engaging markets and key stakeholder groups to improve lives further and build dignity and prosperity in Bangladesh. This MoU also highlights the collaborative partnership between the development sector and the private sector in tackling complex global issues.”

To find out more about SATO and iDE’s work in Bangladesh, visit:

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