PBL Accelerates SATO Access in Madagascar

USAID and SATO, part of LIXIL, Partner to Scale Affordable and Aspirational Sanitation Products in Madagascar; Seek to Impact over 500,000 People

ANTANANARIVO, Nov. 16, 2023 – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and SATO, part of LIXIL, are joining forces in Madagascar to accelerate reliable access to SATO’s toilets for the nearly 9 in 10 Malagasy citizens who lack basic access to sanitation.

Under the Partnership for Better Living (PBL), USAID and LIXIL are marking World Toilet Day 2023 by establishing a goal to reach over 500,000 people in the next three years through the creation of a sustainable market for SATO’s affordable and aspirational sanitation products in Madagascar.

According to the World Bank, as of 2022, just 12.3% of the population in Madagascar has access to basic sanitation services. This is among the lowest rates in the world, ranking the country among the worst globally for its lack of safely managed sanitation.

SATO’s ability to scale its product line in Madagascar is made possible through PBL and the support of USAID. It marks the first country where PBL resources will accelerate SATO’s growth in USAID’s Global Water Strategy High Priority Countries – a key objective of PBL’s public-private collaboration. SATO solutions have shown to have high potential in Madagascar through previous market testing with UNICEF and other USAID projects.

“A water-secure world means that everyone can access essential sanitation services and products. Flourishing local sanitation markets play a crucial role in advancing progress and reducing inequalities. We’re hopeful that our partnership with SATO will link households and communities to dependable and affordable sanitation solutions, enabling them to lead prosperous, healthy, and resilient lives,” said USAID Global Water Coordinator and Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator Nancy Eslick.

To achieve its goals of market acceleration and scale in Madagascar, SATO is developing the supply chain beginning with increasing the availability of the products; hiring SATO Country Leader, Nicole Andriamampianina, to drive growth; undertaking a pilot marketing campaign with a local agency to better understand the market and consumers’ needs; and initiating Toilet Sales Agent trainings through local partners.

Local business conglomerate, INVISO Group, will serve as the import and distribution partner, ensuring a locally available supply of SATO products. While prior development projects used SATO products, this effort will see increased and formalized collaboration with future planned USAID and other donor-funded projects, to guide them in procuring and deploying SATO toilets in the urban and rural communities where they work.

“At LIXIL, we treat every day like World Toilet Day, as evidenced by our now decade-long commitment to developing affordable and desirable sanitation solutions under the SATO brand. We are especially proud to partner with USAID to accelerate sanitation access in Madagascar by investing in a reliable and robust supply chain. We are confident we can make a meaningful impact and significantly contribute to improved sanitation in communities across the country,” said Erin McCusker, Senior Vice President, LIXIL, and Leader, SATO.

SATO is committed to delivering innovative and accessible sanitation solutions that promote hygiene, health, and dignity worldwide. The company’s products have improved the lives of 45 million people in 45 countries and are designed to offer a positive experience while ensuring affordability and ease of use. SATO has a rich history of leveraging technology and consumer-centric design to transform the sanitation landscape, and the expansion into Madagascar aligns with its purpose of empowering people everywhere to live a better life every day.

SATO products, including the SATO Pan and SATO Stool, will help address these issues by offering the marketplace a line of innovative, affordable, and easy-to-install solutions that enable individuals and communities to enjoy better sanitation and improved quality of life.

With product pricing and placement to be confirmed following the sales and marketing pilot, the expanded access to SATO products will significantly contribute to the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 6, which aims to ensure access to clean water and sanitation for all, and to the achievement of USAID’s goal of delivering sanitation access to 22 million people by 2027.

To learn more about the Partnership for Better Living, please get in touch.

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