SATO 105

Quiet close toilet pan

Do you want an affordable and accessible sanitation solution that offers a genuine upgrade to open pits? Look no further than the 105, one of our most iconic products that has been designed to offer a more discreet toilet experience. The award-winning design delivers freshness, comfort and safety to households and public institutions that do not have access to running water or sewer systems.

  • The rubber bumper on the mechanism, reduces the sound of the trap door opening and closing whilst in operation
  • Minimizes odour for enhanced user experience
  • Saves water. The pan uses less than one litre per flush –  20% less than conventional toilet pan
  • Visually appealing – its bright colour and unique award-winning design is a welcome addition to any direct pit
  • Easy to install. Can be embedded into the floor like a conventional toilet pan in new construction or as retrofit in existing toilets
  • Suitable for use in households, school, workplace or local community toilets
  • Shuts out unpleasant view into dark pit and human waste
  • Increased safety. Limited outlet aperture helps to prevent young children from accidentally falling into pits
  • Sanitation for a lifetime – our ‘trap door’ mechanism has been tested to last the equivalent of 100 years of use by a household of five
Key features
  • The cup that creates a counterweight action is filled with cement during installation
  • Optimal counterweight action lets waste and flush water pass through, but otherwise stays closed
  • Unique self-closing counterweighted trap door is designed to create an air-tight seal that closes off pit latrines from the open air which minimizes odours.
  • The trap door reduces the transmission of preventable diseases from insects that come into contact with human waste
  • Constructed from durable plastic, it is easy to clean with regular off-the-shelf products
  • Dealer pack quantities: Bangladesh 9, Kenya 10

Size: 464mm (L) 248mm (W) 191mm (H)


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“Since partnering we’ve seen that the SATO Toilet is an easy upgrade which can convert open pit toilets to closed pits. This benefits the communities where our workers live and helps ensure they stay safe and healthy.”

Akshay Shah