SATO 453 White

rural-style toilet pan with foot rests

Do you want an affordable and accessible sanitation solution that offers a genuine upgrade to open pits? Look no further than the 451, designed for use with single and twin offset pits and perfect for retro-fitting onto existing latrines. The award-winning design delivers freshness, comfort and safety to households and public institutions that do not have access to running water or sewer systems.

  • The integrated foot rests offer stability and comfort whilst squatting
  • Use in conjunction with the I-Trap  and V-Trap connection systems for offset pits
Key features
  • Also available in White
  • Size: 445mm (L) 230mm (W) 191mm (H)


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“Since partnering we’ve seen that the SATO Toilet is an easy upgrade which can convert open pit toilets to closed pits. This benefits the communities where our workers live and helps ensure they stay safe and healthy.”

Akshay Shah