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Creating the next wave of local entrepreneurs

We want to empower communities with the skills they need to continually improve their own sanitation for years to come. That is why we have launched free training programmes designed to give people the opportunity to become qualified masons and launch their own sanitation businesses. This is not just a one-country initiative – training programmes are taking place across Asia and Africa, creating a new wave of entrepreneurs around the world. Trained masons are highly skilled and have the knowledge they need to install our products in their homes, in local businesses, and in community buildings like schools. This is particularly powerful in rural communities, with masons extending our reach to help bring improved sanitation standards to all.

The benefit of this programme is two-fold: not only does it improve the sanitation and hygiene standards of local communities, but also provides new employment and income opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Women’s empowerment

We provide training opportunities to all, regardless of gender. However, in many emerging economies, there is still a stigma that women should take care of the home or work in lowskilled jobs. But we want to change that.

In partnership with local organisations on the ground, we provide training for women across Asia and Africa to empower female masons to install toilets in their local community and make a better living for their family. In India, we have partnered with Samarthan, a leading nonprofit organisation, which—together with the Small Industries Development Bank of India—conducted 32 hours of training for more than 200 female masons. This has equipped them with the skills they need to earn a better wage, enjoy cleaner conditions, and live a better life, every day

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We are SATO, part of LIXIL. As an award-winning social business, we have positively impacted the lives of more than 35 million people across 44 countries. SATO is delivering on the overall goal LIXIL has set of reaching 100 million people by 2025 with basic sanitation and hygiene solutions.


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